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In my private practice I work with a wide range of patients facing challenges in their work and relationships; among my patients are artists, musicians, and professionals in law, business, technology, and medicine, as well as people in the LGBT community. In addition I have the following specialties:

• Mood disorders, especially bipolar disorder
• Drug and alcohol abuse/dependence
• Psychological adaptation to medical illness, including HIV and HCV
• Fatherhood and related men’s issues

Depending upon the problem and the level of acuity, some patients may need to consider the addition of medication to their treatment regimen. I will gladly discuss this with you, and can provide referrals to several excellent psychiatrists with whom I work in shared treatment.

Therapeutic Approach

My theoretical views and practical understanding of psychotherapy reflects the complexity of the subject, and cannot be easily summarized. It is best just to call and your questions can be answered.

That said, I believe people come to therapy with the intention to get better, and the willingness to do the courageous work of self-examination that this requires. I am honored to share that process with them.

I believe it helps to have a philosophy of life which guides your actions through challenging times.

I believe in the inherent dignity and worth of all living things.

I believe in practicing love, acceptance, and forgiveness, especially when it is difficult.

I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

I believe that you have to be on your side.

Finally, I believe the purpose of life is to be a good ancestor. As a parent or not, you are an ancestor to those that follow.